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Financial education doesn’t get the coverage it deserves.

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Insufficient resources negatively impact on your capacity to teach to the highest level


A hopeless feeling that your students leave school without the most essential of skills


A desire to eliminate inequalities where students are denied knowledge that’s crucial to their financial success

We are Flipside

We recognise that many young people whatever their ability or background feel under pressure to be financially “streetwise”. Equally, we know the challenges teachers face in delivering high quality education day in, day out. 

That’s why we started Flipside. A ready-to-go, time-saving, affordable solution you can trust.


Tried & tested

We have years’ of experience working alongside leading educators helping them deliver finance courses. With experts covering financial management and teaching, our intuitive apps and innovative learning modules give teachers a new way to deliver essential life-skills to help students in the real world.

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The money management modules provide the learner with important fundamental strategies and life skills surrounding personal finance. Whether you are looking for work, starting your own business or reigniting your personal development, this course is a good foundation.

Christopher Olumese, Dominion Training

We have been pleased to work with Stephen and Flipside CIC on a number of projects over the past year. Flipside has been invaluable to us in putting together a business education programme for young people and we know that their input on financial budgeting and planning has been well received and integral to delivering successful outcomes. Stephen's real world and practical approach to budgeting has produced a flexible and important application, as appropriate to business planning as it is to personal budgeting. We look forward to more collaborations in the future.

Malcolm Hall, The Realistic Business Consortium

Ian was my Finance lecturer during my time at UCFB Etihad and provided me with the help and support I needed as his student in order to achieve the best results possible. Ian is reliable, has great professionalism and is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of Finance as a whole.

Poppy Hughes, KPMG

Having worked with Ian for almost half a year now at UCFB, its clear he is a seasoned and experienced HE professional, possessing a strong rapport with staff and students alike. Ian utilises his considerable industry experience to provide a balanced assessment of both finance and football business in the classroom, and is a pleasure to work with.

Christopher Winn, UCFB Global Institute of Sport

Thank you Stephen for your time and knowledge of finance. Really good to hear from a professional.


I found the topics on budgeting to be very useful, as before the session I had quite limited knowledge of the subject. The level of detail was right for me and the technical aspects were explained clearly.


The level of detail was just right, plus the group activity gave us the chance to use the information we had learned.


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